// Detection & Stealth (D&S)(The 5 Senses)

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Wed Sep 25, 2019 1:44 am

I have compiled a list of different types of detection and stealth that could add some different elements to the game most of which are just different senses that could be recreated within the game that could have an effect on either AI or players this includes counters for them! by having various types of D&S players will have a multitude of ways to either cover your tracks or find some one else i think it would add a layer of depth to ships and the over all environment giving player the option to build a ship that would be a better fit for what they want to do within the game

+Eyes (things you see with)
+Cameras (things that let you see where you are not)
+Telescope/spyglass/binocular (long eyes)
-Laser designation (LASER EYES)
-Camouflage (blending in with your environment to become harder to see when not moving)(its free)
-Mirage (more advanced kind of stealth allows you to move around it moderate speed still hard to spot)
-Cloaking (full invisibility move as you like cause no one is watching)
+Ears (let you hear)
+Sonar (water hearing)
+Microphones (import sound)
+Speakers (export sound)
+Radar (long ears)
-Noise maker (a clever distraction for ears and sonar)
-Scrambler (a clever distraction for radar)
-Jammer (stop the sound)
-Slippers (stop the hearing)
-RAM (radar absorbing materials) stop the radar)

+Heat signatures (hot space)
+Carbon footprints (dirty space)
-Cooling units (remove hot space)
-Exhaust filters (remove dirty)

+Warp signatures (space dust coordinates)
-Chaff (fake space dust)

+Ship scanners (feel the ship and the inside)
+Sonar 2 (find the crew and cargo)
-No touch

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