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Sat May 11, 2019 7:52 pm

The Imperial Navy is no longer, it has transitioned into the Republic Navy after a server-wide vote. The divisions have changed, the ranks have changed, and even the alliance has changed. Republic Of Arcadia Left the alliance due to the Republic Navy not having a reason for the alliance, so now the Alliance has been transferred to the Free Commonwealth Of The Stars. We are still in an alliance with The Shadow Corporation, which is a good thing. We call this alliance The Tri-Union Federation, I'll make a post about it after I'm done with this one, but now lets get back on topic.

The Republic Navy's goal is to bring stabilization to the galaxy by destroying Tyrant factions and Troll factions that threaten the Skywanderers Galaxy. Rescuing a Tyrant Faction's slave--I mean... "Civilians" Is our first priority when we invade a planet occupied by their faction. But we cannot do this without your help, although we have about 1-2 years of waiting for the game, we still need members. I currently wanna start by filling up some sub-divisions.

This is a division for people who love to explore the galaxy, and venture through the unknown, collecting resources and conquering planets for the Republic (Unless those planets are owned by neutral factions).

The Political side of the Faction consisting of 2 Senators, One Representing the Economics of the Faction, and one Representing the Military. There will also be One Representative for each Republic-Occupied planet where anyone is allowed to enter and live in. Military Planets on the other hand, will not have a Representative.

There are 3 Squadrons currently. Red Squadron, and Shadow Squadron. Red Squadron is your typical fighter Squadron, 10 people piloting ARC-170's, one person being the Leader who pilots a Z-89 Headhunter. Shadow Squadron is the Bomber squadron, consisting of 5 pilots who perform bombing runs in BTL-B Y-Wing Bombers.

If you would like to join this faction, please join the Discord: https://discord.gg/GpwRMSE

But if you don't want to join, we still promise a peaceful living space under Republic Protection on all Non-Military Republic Planets. Thanks for reading.

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Sat Dec 14, 2019 10:59 am

Uncertain times are ahead, aren't they? I was quite fond of the Imperial Navy.

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