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Whaddya think of the AT-MDS Contest?

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Sun Apr 07, 2019 4:44 am

The Imperial Navy is a Faction sorely based on Creating Stabilization across the Skywanderers Galaxy. Troll Factions and Tyrant Factions will not go down without a fight, so we need your help to take care of these Threats. And if you don't want to enlist in the Imperial Navy, we promise a Safe and Peaceful living space on any Imperial Occupied Planet.

But if You do want to join the Faction, then feel free to join the Discord right here: https://discord.gg/GpwRMSE

Please note that this Faction isn't sorely based on Star Wars, as our ship designs are based off of a Deviant Artist named Adamkop, and I encourage you to check out his work: https://www.deviantart.com/adamkop/gallery/

Which Division do you think your going to join? Well, here they are:

People in charge of building blueprints for The Imperial Navy, Repairing Ships if damaged, and competing in Engineering contests, Such as the AT-MDS (All Terrain-Mech Defense Suit) Contest, where Multiple Engineers try to make a 2 pilot Giant Mech suit for the Faction (Totally not Gundam ripoff). Whichever build get's the most votes, is turned into an official blueprint to be used by the Faction. This could also open up the possibility of an entirely new Division that focuses on piloting Mechs!

Ever wanted to be in a Fighter or Bomber and shoot up some enemy fighters and capital ships? Well, join this generic Fighter Squadron that I suddenly came up with!

We Need people to help our Lovely Senator (Who Is Male). We currently need 2 Senatorial Aides and 1 Body-Guard.

We are currently in a Three-Way alliance with The Republic Of Arcadia and the Shadow Corporation, Which are some pretty good factions if I do say so myself.

Hope y'all enjoy your time in this Faction, or going to war with it, if you really want to do that... This is Grand Admiral Marcus, and I'll see you in the Fleet.

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