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Mon Jan 28, 2019 12:19 am

If someone were to make a Faction, There could be many Possibilities.
You could be able to make your own Ranks and Jobs to do certain things, like an Engineer, or a pilot, because nobody wants to be unorganized. You Could set the clan's status. Be Neutral, where no one can attack you unless you Declare War against them or they Declare War Against You, it would make the game more challenging and realistic. One thing that could also be cool is that you can maybe even talk to separate fleets within your faction that are in an entirely different location, need to always keep in contact with your friends, right? And if unknown ships start coming up to your fleet, you could negotiate with them, see if they are peaceful or not, which could make for some funny situations where a guy says hes peaceful, is allowed on board a ship, and 5 seconds later just starts shooting up the whole place, and tries to destroy your fleet. Speaking of fleets, you could also make it so that ships are part of a fleet or not. Could probably even save, and copy/paste some fleet formations as well. and give your fleet a name. Why do you need fleets you may be asking? Well it would be easier to organize your faction, and not you just spawning in a bunch of u.s.s enterprises and gundams and calling it a fleet. One thing I do ask though, is that this faction system is not too complex, and is not too hard to use, Because I always find myself getting confused while building ONE SHIP in space engineers. (Although thats probably my fault.) Thanks for reading.
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