// Build 18w47b as of 11/23/2018: Fixes, hinge and spaceship core

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Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:57 am

I did a bugfix pass on top of a heavy refactoring on the logic. Logic is a such a heavy topic, I am not quite done with it but almost there. Most important fixes are the starting block, the drone collisions off, and children entity mess up fixed.
On the new feature side I worked on a brand new hinge to replace all the confusing choice we had. I made sure that the hinge axis is on the side of the voxel, made it work with collisions (sorry - but actually it makes constructions easier, no need to find the value where it needs to stop) and more.
All core also have a new standardized look. The spaceship core is now a brick and can be positioned as you want. Press F on it to change its orientation in a UI. Turret, mech and overcraft havent been migrated yet though.

List of latest fixes:
https://github.com/tsunamayo/Skywandere ... s%3Aclosed

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