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Fri Oct 26, 2018 1:18 am

As you know I have been investing a lot of effort in the past few months to shift the tech toward a system more accessible and more powerful altogether. While there is still quite a bit of work left to migrate everything to reap the full reward I feel know is the time to share it with you.

Why Legacy Update?
A lot of thing have changed, including save format and block list. This particular branch can load older save format and save it to the new one. All deprecated blocks and bricks are marked with a red texture so you wont miss them. All following updates will break that compatibility. I will keep that branch alive for a long time so you can always come back to it to convert an older ship to the new format and block list.

  • Rotate blocks and bricks with q and e keys. (sorry you will have to get used to a new logic =( )
  • Some bricks and blocks can be stretched by dragging the shape in 3D.
  • Some blocks and bricks are being deprecated or replaced.
  • Collisions check when building.
  • Hotkey feature is now built-in the link tool. (UI to be improved)
  • New Codex UI.
  • Delete tool in a single click
  • No longer mass delete (not possible with new tech)
  • Current freeform logic deprecated
  • Mech and turret not yet migrated
  • Children entity save issue
  • Sequencer save issue.

There are many other changes and small impacts but I wont list everything ;-)

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