// Build 18w24a as of 06/13/2018: Query Gate, Animated Screen and more

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Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:31 pm

This is mainly a follow-up update to the big logic overhaul, with some fixes or some stuff I did not had time to migrate in the previous update. Also a new cool query gate, a new animated mini screen and new a HUD look!

  • Link to display/holo migrated to new logic system
  • Slider controller migrated to new logic system, and optimized
  • Query gate: you can link a rotor/rail to it and define a condition in which it will be active
  • Animated screen: more an experiment at this stage - only for decoration.
  • TAA remove, SMAA used instead.
  • New HUD style for highlighted block and command
  • 868 845: Link to core
  • 848 850: multi issues
  • 823: Infinite loading screen
  • 806: Torus ground LOD
  • 737 655: raycast on flat bricks
  • 851: Link not removed
  • 844: Mass delete fixed

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