// Build 18w22a as of 06/03/2018: Link Tool / Logic Update

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Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:09 am

It was a long and though work but the Link Tool update is finally there.
This is a basically a hard reboot of the logic system, so it is not compatible with the old one.
For now you can still use the old logic but dont have the gate in the inventory, and cannot link from them.
You will have to migrate your logic to the new system as I will remove the old system in a couple of updates. I need to that to complete the migration and clean the code, it is quite dirty atm.
If you change your ship and save it, you wont be able to roll back the game version. So either a) do a backup of your save and restore, or b) wait for my fix in case of any deal breaking bug...
There a many changes and a few things are not yet migrated - but I guess you will feel at home in no time, the new system is much easier to apprehend I think.

  • Link Tool added
  • Select a gate / button / system to view link and predecessors.
  • Hold to link
  • Link a second time to remove link (I will add a right click feature also)
  • You can link through walls.
  • Dual / Quad gate removed, as feature is built in every gate.
  • Timer gate replaces old delay gate. Same feature, just a smaller 1x1 footprint
  • Logic gate replaces AND, OR and XOR gate. Plus NAND, NOR and NXOR. Gate is also 1x1.
  • Controller gate replaces constant and mix. You can input both value on the same screen. Gate is also 1x1.
  • Fuzzy logic removed: it means you need to place the controller (ex mix/constant) just before rotors / rails
  • Kill switch, router are removed. They are less necessary in a binary world (I could add MUX, DEMUX, but they are easy to replicate)
  • Callback is built-in in systems. Just link from the system and you are good to go.
  • The controller will be greatly improved, and new rules might be introduced for stacking several controllers to a single system.
  • Slider not working, I need to see how I will use them.
  • Cant rename buttons, I might add a specific keybind on the link tool to do so, not yet convinced.
  • I will remove the built-in holo function, it was a bit messy. I will replace it with a dedicated and more powerful holo brick, with more options and more user control. (sometime orient was crappy)
  • Not yet compatible with display and holo display, hose, ect. I will add it later on, as it will be easier to migrate for you.
  • I will get rid of the Quick Action Wheel config, only way to interact will be unified into the F key. It will be easier, a lot cleaner in code, and will push me to conceive simpler brick.
  • Hence Turret and mech core will be redone (again and again)
  • I must have forgot tons of things, it was such a large update :oops:

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