// Build 18w20a as of 05/20/2018: Rendering Update

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Sun May 20, 2018 2:32 am

Technical update this time: I have been updating Unity to a newest version (2018.2b3, so a beta... greedy move haha), and I did quite a few refactoring and improvements on the rendering side. If you find anything fishy please report an issue (like jittering on some object due to TAA)!
Thanks as always.


  • Sun protuberances removed for now
  • Trails look improved, "teleport" issue fixed, cleaner at low speed.
  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing Added (TAA)
  • Better AA on icons
  • Tracking Cam improved: AA, sorting, digital fx and scanlines.
  • Camera fx and scanlines.
  • Main Camera FX: Chromatic aberration, bloom tweaked, vignette. All can be toggled off.
  • 782: No shield issue
  • 786: Ship loading issue
  • 785: Crash fix
  • 783: Fix when placing engines
  • 793: Engine on by default
  • 779: Paint blob animation
  • 792: Freeform custom paint children entity combo of death

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