// Build 18w19a as of 05/10/2018: Various Combat improvements

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Thu May 10, 2018 9:11 am

In this update I continue my grind toward proper combat. Still a lot of things left to do!

  • Brick Laser is gimbaled.
  • Debris particles added
  • System group now deactivate once a single block is destroyed => to be tested in meta later on, as it might prove to easy to take down system.
  • Hit damage numbers. I might provide a way to toggle them off.
  • Hit marker
  • Trail tweaked.
  • Acceleration and Max speed on normal drive depends on ships thrust to mass ratio.
KNOWN ISSUE: the gimbal sometime refuse to work on a given ship. It is a random bug, so I had trouble to track it...

  • 764 Holo screen link issue
  • 776 Engine glow in multi
  • 778 Own ship on target cam
  • 743 Custom color on child entity
  • 738 Paint blob floating point shader issue

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