// Build 18w15 as of 04/10/2018: Multi-tool update!

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Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:28 am

This is a pretty big update as I changed many aspects of the game ergonomics. The new philosophy is that the player now use a "multi-tool" (better name suggestion accepted ;-)) that reconfigure itself for different purpose: add a block, remove, repair, paint, and soon link logic. Please watch the video for more insight.

The goal is to make a more cohesive action scheme. I also started to use the Q key.

  • Activate/enter unification: you activate buttons with [F] key.
  • For enter system you need to hold [F] a bit, in order to minimize misclick
  • Add Tool: Now adding a block is the main action (by default left click)
  • Add Tool: some shapes that don't require rotation will get a drag out of the box (ie cube or tube)
  • Add Tool: press SHIFT while holding to drag a line on some appropriate shape (ie wedges)
  • Add Tool: While dragging, press Q to change drag axis.
  • Add/Delete Tool: Hold secondary action (right click by default) to delete a block
  • Add/Delete Tool: Hold SHIFT and then drag with right click to delete an area of block (brick included)
  • Paint Tool: Secondary Action is now to remove the paint. (for now there is only a default paint - but it will change)
  • Paint Tool: Press Q to open a quick color selection screen.
  • Ship get a 6dof control scheme by default.
  • Ship: Press SHIFT to boost, the ship will fly quicker and like a plane, not requiring any input.

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