// Build 18w12a as of 03/25/2018: Block HP, damage and Repair

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Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:12 am

This was a very technical upgrade to pull-off, I had to shuffle and optimize the block and brick data structure to accommodate the store of block HP. There should be no issue with your current ships, but it might be better to do a backup (never know).
Now blocks and bricks have HP. Their current health is represented via visual damage.
I added a new Repair tool (no model for now, it is all a place holder), that you can use to repair damage by "painting" damaged block. You can also repair destroyed block!
I will detail in a further post the way block HP and block armor works - as weapon are still wip it is not really interesting for you at the moment.
Every hit and repair action is applied to the whole voxel: meaning several bricks are gonna be hit (or repaired) at the same time, so that it will be less of a cheese brick fest and repair would be fast and easy.

I also changed the blueprint system. Now it work in much natural fashion: the folder PlayerEntities is used by the game to store spaceship - you no longer care about this one. The actual blueprints exported on demand by the player will be on a new Blueprints folder. Also you can no longer "replace" an entity, I added a new Blueprint starter block to load ship instead.

  • Block can be damaged.
  • Repair tool added: use it to repair damaged or destroyed block (from System Tab).
  • Replace ship function removed (for parent entity only).
  • New Spawn Blueprint block.
  • Blueprint are now exported to the \Blueprints folder.
  • Filter option on blueprint selection menu.
  • 571: Right Click was sending -1 signal.

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