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Tell us a bit about you ! What are your main sci-fi references and the game you loved !
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Tue May 05, 2020 7:07 pm

I found this game when I was watching one of those
Top 10 Sci-fi Sandbox Games Coming Out 2018-2019 PS1/Xbsd/asdja...
When I saw skywanderers(StarshipEvo)'s trailer, I knew I wanted this game, however with the kickstarter closed, and another backer wave probably several months away, I decided I was going to just wait on the side lines, until the game came out. Just playing starmade and space engineers, starmade was a game (yes it was a game) a dead game at the time I got back into it (and still now D:), but while building is fun, it was limiting, and with a bare bones survival, and with a dead multiplayer base, I left. Shortly after that I stepped out of the sandbox genre for an unspecified date, that was until I heard skywanderers, now Stevo was going to enter early access.

The End.
Mr, Stevo

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