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Post progress pictures of what you are currently building, or save file of ship you would like to share.
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Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:20 pm

Welcome to the Rising Star Corporation! We are a leader in aerospace solutions for commercial and military customers around the galaxy. From planetary grounds to deep space, we offer a large selection of hovercrafts, drones, mechsuits and ships. We also provide our customers with utility equipment (mining drills, etc) and the means to protect themselves with hand guns and mounted weapons.

Enjoy your tour!


Heavy fighter Osprey class
Designed for deep space scouting and long range missions, the Osprey features warp capability, weapons and commodities.

Heavy fighter Medusa class
The Medusa is a fast response ship featuring two laser guns, two homing missiles launchers, and two standard missiles launchers. Assault and interception runs have never been easier!

Light fighter Chimera class
The Chimera is a tiny yet very effective ship designed to escort bigger ships. The standard model comes without warping capability and must be docked inside a carrier to travel between star systems. Custom color schemes and warp drive addition are possible on demand. Request a quote today!

Light fighter Talos class
The Talos is a fast and compact interceptor ship designed to patrol and scout the surroundings of space stations and factories. It features concealable weapons and warp capability. Our bestseller to police forces around the galaxy!

Racing ship Razorback class
The Razorback is fast... really fast! A state-of-the-art in racing technology. Custom color schemes,
custom cockpits and custom settings are available on demand. Get yours today and start collecting racing prizes!

Landspeeder Varan class
The Varan is a single seat landspeeder designed for fast ground travels. Its small size and foldable fins makes it easy to store in any cargo bay. Custom color schemes available on demand.

ImageMechs & Mechsuits
Workloader Atlas Class
The Atlas Workloader is a single-operator mechsuit designed to carry heavy load. Loading cargo has never been faster and easier. Spend less on healthcare for your workers!

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed this presentation of my builds. I will update this post when needed with new builds or updates on existing ones. I will also add the blueprints a bit later, when I've had the time to review them in game and make a few needed tweaks.


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Sat Dec 22, 2018 4:53 pm

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