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Sun Dec 02, 2018 3:01 am

So this may have been answered before but I couldn't find it. How do I update the game version? I have it through Steam via the second KS campaign but as far as I can tell it has never updated. I've mostly just been dealing with it and not caring, but I'm interested in a lot of the logic refactors (from a couple months ago in fact) but still have the same old version from when I first got the game.

Thanks in advance!
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Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:22 pm

The Stable version on steam updates a lot less frequently than the Experimental version, for good reason. If you want to test the latest features and don't mind things being possibly broken horribly, you can go to steam's Betas tab and enter the code "fantastique1". There's also a Legacy version, for migrating blueprints from the old save format to the new one being introduced.

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