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Basic Ship Guide

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:50 am
by Azi
How to Build a Basic ship.

First! Create your ship thing by:
  • 1. Placing a starter block in the empty void of space
  • 2. Building a nice shape
Second! Fulfill ship requirements:
  • 1. Add reactors for power
  • 2. Add engines for thrust
  • 3. Add additional engines to turn and maneuver (must be facing in different directions relative to main thrust
  • 4. Optional Add shields and gravity generator for obvious reasons
Third! Get her up and running:
  • 0. Optional Place a seat down
  • 1. Place down a Yoke and Core wherever and link Yoke TO Core. Make sure the yoke is facing the right way as it determines the orientation of your ship.
  • 2. Press F and hold on your yoke and you should be able to control yah ship
Help! My ship doesn't turn!?
::: Make sure you have maneuvering engines facing up, down, left, right, whatever just not the same way as your main thrust

Help! My ship moves a bit then stops and drifts a lot!?
::: Sounds underpowered to me add more reactors to keep your ship flying smoothly

Help! How do I change the orientation of my ship!?
::: Easy Peezy, Place a yoke down to indicate forward and link it to the core, the diagram in the core will update and now right isn't forward

Help! I have a really difficult question not related to building ships but is related to in-game difficulties
::: Hit up #support on the discord and your troubles will disappear

Re: Basic Ship Guide

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 6:08 pm
by Michael_NReid
How do I use keyboard?