// Build 18w50a as of 12/14/2018: Stencils, Pattern and paint overhaul

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Fri Dec 14, 2018 1:21 am

So it is the last big update on the building side of things before I move on gameplay. From now it will be mainly code refactor, redo some systems (like I did for the hinge recently), and optimizations.
We have a lot of new exciting feature:
  • New Stickers (now called stencil, but it dont matter). They can be placed on wedge, stacked together, and you still see the texture beneath. The current selection is really small but I will add a lot more. Also I think I will need a finer placement and maybe a resize, but I want your feedback first. There is a limit to the maximum number of stickers possible (need to work a bit on that)
  • New Paint UI: now you can customize your paint from the paint selection menu
  • All colors are now customizable
  • New paint selection: I have reorganized the paint selection, as the old one was not making any sense. So your ship might look a bit different. As all paint are customizable you should be able to fix it really quick.
  • Pattern feature. Stripes are now a pattern feature, and you can select the one you like.
  • Paint are now added per block face. It will take a bit more time, but you will be able to paint your interior from a different color.
It was a big refactoring with a complete overhaul of the way block data is stored, and how paint work in the shader. So please do backup before hand, and report any issue! Cheers

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