// Weapon System: Ideas for addons and more

Here I ask your opinion and feedback on specific aspect of the game, or feature I am working on.
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Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:45 am

I will try to keep this simple:

I will be talking about damage types: kinetic, thermal and explosive. First one damages only the hit block and the blocks behind it if penetration is done. Thermal damages only the block it hits and increases the ship's heat. Explosive damage damages all exposed blocks in a given area.


-conventional weapons
--HE autocannons and gatlings, first ones medium rate of fire and low explosive damage, gatlings very high rate of fire but low kinetic damage. Both have projectile speed of 1km/s. Needs cartridge. Add-ons: can only be changed barrel length for more accuracy but lower rate of fire with a longer barrel. Needs to have a barrel.

--very high speed (~50km/s with a medium barrel), high energy requirements, low rate of fire, very high kinetic damage, enough to penetrate multiple blocks. Ammo is very cheap. Add-ons: Capacitors, magnetic barrel. Capacitors do what you were already thinking and magnetic barrel length changes speed and slightly accuracy.

--what you already have in game named "beam". High energy requirements, thermal damage decreases with distance. Add-ons: Capacitors make them laser pulses, wich are better if it is hard for you to keep the laser pointed to a single point. More capacitors make the pulses shorter and denser but the efficiency decreases (dps decreses). P.S. if lasers were actually invisible it would be cooler in my opinion. It would add depth to the game. Only the firing point and the hit point will emit bright red-white light. I have an idea for another colored beam weapon so everyone is happy.

-plasma cannons
--This works by heating heavy matter to plasma and then shooting it at a medium speed. Medium velocity, medium rate of fire, both kinetic and thermal damage, penetrates 1-2 blocks. Medium range. Needs very cheap ammunition. Add-ons: Capacitors in the way you said, barrels that inproves they accuracy and range at the cost of rate of fire and heating chambers, that decrease rate of fire and increases energy requirements but increase damage. Plasma cannons need at least one heating chamber and the color of the shot depends on the number of chambers. Red is with one heating chamber, and it goes through orange, yellow, white and blue.

--Medium to high explosive damage. Low-medium rate of fire, depends on missile size. Size depends on fuel capacity and explosive charge. Fuel capacity dictates for how much time rockets can accelerate. Size of the explosive charge dictates damage. Bigger missiles cost more. Heat targeting or manual targeting can be installed. Heat targeting targets enemy ships with highest heat. Manual locks the ship that you're looking. They will keep burning and accelerating as long as their fuel capacity permits. Unguided missiles will go straight. Missiles can have ion charges, that deal increased damage to shields and electric systems but less damage to hull (kinetic damage to the hull).

-ion cannons
--shoots a semi-transparent beam of green/blue/purple ions that deal increased damage to shields and electric systems but almost none to hull. Medium power requirements, medium-high velpcity. Doesn't require ammo. Add-ons: capacitor makes them shoot in bursts. Bursts are more efficient (higher dps) and require more energy. Magnetic barrel accelerates ions velocity. More ion separation chambers increase input energy and output damage, and increases rate of fire instead of damage if capacitors are present. The weapon itself is the ion launcher and it needs at least one magnetic barrel and one ion separation chamber. You can set the ions to be of any of the colors between yellowy green and purple.

Should these technologies be usually """unlocked""" in this order?:
conventional; missiles; railgun and laser; plasma; ion.

I tried, at least, to keep it simple.
I support you, whatever choices you make, i hope it will be possible to have also mods in the future.


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Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:28 pm

This might be a little late but here are my ideas for weapons and their interaction with systems:

Penetration is the chance to pierce a shield and armor blocks. Only weapons with a high chance of penetration can pierce shields. Blocks also take damage when pierced. This is to allow weapons to damage and disable system with a well aimed shot.

    Gatling Laser
    Fires rapidly for moderate damage and a moderate chance to penetrate
    Moderate power drain
    No damage modifiers
    Projectile's colour can be chosen, fire rate can be decreased.

    This weapon is closest to the base game weapon. Not much to say, It's a simple weapon that can be put on ships or turrets. No real downside and is the status quo for weapons to be compared to. The fire rate thing is to allow players to synchronize their guns btw, you could make some cool things with that.
      Fires slowly for high damage and a high chance to penetrate
      High power Drain
      Extra damage against armor/non system blocks
      Explodes on impact with armor and has a slow travel speed
      Projectile's colour can be chosen

      This weapons is meant for bombers but can realistically be used on anything meant to attack large/slow targets. If they couldn't pierce shields, I don't feel like anyone would bother to use them.
        Fires a constant beam for variable damage with no chance to penetrate
        Variable power drain
        Does less damage to shields
        You can customize the damage of this weapon, power drain increases with a modifier

        The idea behind this one is pretty basic, a big ol' beam of energy. It can be an incredibly weak supplementary weapon or if you really want to (and have the power to support it) you can try increasing damage to max and vaporize the enemy. Would be an interesting mechanic and could let players build superweapons.
          Explosive block
          high damage and a high chance to penetrate, scaling with size
          Almost no drain
          Scaling damage/range with size.
          Should be placed in a torpedo/missile/self-destruct mechanism/etc
          There are different sizes of this block, colour can be chosen, detonation method

          This is a block made for self propelled weapons, you can choose through different methods of explosion including impact or any one of the ingame sensors.
            Ion lasers
            Fires rapidly for no block damage and no chance to penetrate
            Moderate drain
            Bonus damage against shields
            Disables reactors on ship that they hit
            Colours can be chosen

            A common trope but I think it has it's place in skywanderers. Why destroy a ship when you can disable, board and steal it instead? Well, i can probably name a few but it would be fun!

              Casts an aura at the cost of high energy cost that forces nearby ships into sub light speeds

              This is meant for stations and capital ships, I feel like this would create an interesting priority target in combat and allow combat to be more than constant small conflicts.
                Systems scanner
                For a moderate amount of energy, it will show the location of the target's ships systems such as power, weapons on the existing holographic display

                Not much to say, lets the players focus on important ship systems so combat feels like more than pointing your guns and hoping for the best.
                  Long range scanners
                  An untargeted system that simply scans space, it detects the heat of active power generators and engines.

                  This is a staple of SciFi and couldn't fit better into a game. It could be displayed on the ingame screens and holograms.
                    A system which resembles train rails. Can carry bullet trains or can be modified to fire player made projectiles at a high velocity (A railgun)

                    The community seems to want a railgun and I would agree, I'm sure players could design some really interesting projectiles or even shipwide trains using this system.
                      Displays a player's avatar and lets you, well, communicate with them... but at a range! When displayed on an ingame monitor it shows the avatar's face and shows the entire body when on a hologram.

                      This is another staple of many great SciFi franchises and would be a great thing to have for immersion.

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                      Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:20 am

                      I'll do it quick because a lot have been already told.

                      If you implant a system to immobilize ennemie ship, you can also create a system to teleport bomb inside the ship.

                      Will be really unprecise and can be facilitate with :
                      - exact coodinate obtain via a good radar
                      - ennemi ship shields are disrupted
                      - probe launched and successfully attached to the target ship

                      The bomb will ignore shields if teleported inside. If it teleport near the ship but outside, it will be consider like a missile explosion and if it teleport to far, nothing happens (doesn't even need to calculate the explosion)
                      And if the teleportation target is greatly unsure, it can friendly fire.

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                      Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:01 am

                      Just got access to the game, and though I am late to the (weapon) party, I'll just toss in my thoughts on the subject - disregarding that the weapon system might already have been decided upon.

                      Having played some From the Depth, I like the block-based weapons-system, but I think that a more simple system might be better, perhaps also for performance sake.

                      My suggestion is that weapons are only a single brick, but the size of that brick is how we customize our weapons.

                      We can increase its length, width and height.
                      With width and height being basically the same, its better to call the smaller of the two bore size (or caliber), and the larger then becomes width (regardless how the barrel is slanted).
                      Being bricks, all increases are in 0.25 increments.

                      These three dimensions (and the proportions between them), is what defines the weapon - along with the basic weapon brick used (laser, plasma, electromag, etc).

                      Just as an example, I have done a quick mock-up of how lasers could work:

                      A weapon dealing damage by focusing light in a beam.
                      Lasers have almost unlimited range, and in practice hits instantly (hit-scan).
                      However, damage will drop off over distance, as the beam loss its focus. This can be somewhat mitigated by using additional lenses - creating a longer weapon.
                      The weapon can only maintain its beam for a limited duration, before the barrel needs to cool off. Heat capacitors and radiators can be installed in the width of the barrel, to increase this duration.

                      Basic damage: Based on bore size
                      Liniar Drop-Off: Damage is halved every 100? x length meters
                      Max beam duration: 1 second x (width/bore size)
                      Cooldown: Based on Surface Area/Volume
                      Power Drain: Based on bore size

                      NB: To maintain the best ability to build nice-looking weapon, only the central bore-size of the muzzle should be free to fire the weapon saftly, allowing us the option to hide additional width within a barrel of our own design.

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                      Fri Sep 21, 2018 1:51 pm

                      Just some thoughts :D
                      Cant wait for this game to reach steam!

                      Expanding on the "module" idea by including a logic "module", to regulate the capacitors and barrels further.
                      Also for missile weapons, maybe having navigation logic as far as perhaps flight paths, timings, trajectories,ect. Perhaps including different tiers of logic "modules" that give more options and maybe increase efficiency.

                      Perhaps "magnetic" or "heatseaking", more a passive weapon but could help make areas defensible. Also perhaps for getting out of sticky situations by dropping some mines when your trying to make a "tactical retreat."

                      More or less self explanatory, deploy-able or station-able drones for passive/active situations. Maybe logic based or AI based, good for other purposes too such as repairing, maybe able to track or follow certain things or go to gps coords, also for decoys.

                      Another module expansion, advanced logic that "thinks" on its own. Maybe uses different tiers of sensors to adjust to the situation, IE:ship with high shields needs a weapon with high shield damage so regulates weapon "modules" to be most effective against it. Or for drones having them automatically make decisions based on situations like ship sizes, or mass, power draw, location.

                      GPS tracking missile, "paints/replaces" a block with a tracking block runs off ships power.

                      Cyber Security:
                      If there will be integration for weapons that attack primary systems/logic of ships perhaps adding advanced security (in tiers) to reduce or prevent certain attacks on those systems, or regain them faster.

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