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Here I ask your opinion and feedback on specific aspect of the game, or feature I am working on.
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Sat Nov 25, 2017 8:29 pm

Okay, i now know there is a faster way to delete unwanted blocks than LMB... But as even with LMB I delete often more than i wanted to, i like the delete tool (even as my bars are all full with blocks and bricks).

The others sound good to me too, especially as I often accidently set a new default color when using paint, as the controls are not like with blocks and i haven't found a way to reverse the default-color-setting other than quitting the game and loading the game again (just loading the savegame again without quitting to desktop doesn't seem to work). And therefore do not use any paint at all.

BUT: I wouldn't get rid of creative mode completely, it's there, why not keep it? Let the player decide wether they wants the new game they starts to be survival or creative. Skywanderers isn't that intuitive like minecraft, a creative mode let's one try out how controls work or just build something awesome, without managing to get the funds to build a really capital ship, you just need to learn how first.

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Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:24 am

I use the RMB to assign a default colour too. Plus I also use the quick delete shift-mb more or less all the time. I'm all for the game to become more intuitive but not for it to become so easy, it takes away from the gameplay.
Links can be overly complicated sometimes, but part of the fun is working it out, in such a way that it suit's your needs. That said the change would probably be a good one.

Creative mode, for me, is as important as survival. In Space Engineers I build all my ships in creative and then put them into survival mode. Many players, I think, will assume a gameplay way of thinking, that the ships are there (built in creative) ready to explore space i.e. the player doesn't start from scratch.
Many players will see this as spoiling survival, but its just a gameplay choice. Provided we have SP or MP for private use, then the game can accommodate all play styles.

As for paint, I'll go along with the flow ;) .

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