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Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:30 am

was feeling quite creative today and decided to reinstall skywanderers after a long break and do some building

when i get into game i find the torus is gone, all the blocks have been changed and things i really liked about the game have been changed/removed

i backed the game over 2 years ago and i get alot has changed and improved but also in my opinion some of that stuff was better how it was

i liked how old logic was, yes it took up space but it looked cool and allowed you to plan out some complex circuits witch was fun in itself, yes the new system is effective but its lost its charm

i preferred the old sliding rails, being something you added to a block without taking up block space meant you could hide them very easily so as not to compromise the look you were trying to achieve. the new/current rails require you to not only know exactly how long u want the finished rail to be least u want u add the 'addon' segment and make it look even uglier require block space and thus cant be hidden as easy or have as many in a confined area limiting creative options

the constant spinning rotor has been removed as far as i can tell entirely meaning a lot of my builds, build ideas and build plans are no longer feasible due to having 'orbiting' parts

the torus/ring is gone. not gona lie, i hate building in space in this game, it feels bad to me and has always felt bad. i always built on the torus/ring as it gave an unchanging point of reference and two it had gravity so u could always orient urself easily to inline with the ground

ill admit the new graphics are nice and i understand that its still a work in progress, but the issue with this kind of game is that the shinier and more refined u make the graphics, the worse stuff looks when you add to them, for example the engine block, by itself its a cool looking block, but you cant add small blocks to the sides cos they float and look weird, adding grebleing i think it was called dosnt have the same nice look (imo) as when it had the more pixilated/blocky visuals

probs my biggest gripe with the current game is that clipping has been/is being removed, one of the things i loved about this game is it allowed clipping thus letting me make moving and transforming creations that without clipping wouldn't be possible, take the millennium falcon that womble made for example, only of the creations that brought a lot of attention to this game. in its current state u would not be able to make it, or anything even remotely close to it. clipping allowed for adding details and angles that cant be done in other games and well neither in this game too.

in summary, yes there are some good changes. but its slowly becoming 'just like ___ game', its lost its charm and im sure the cult following are chewing at the bit by now already typing out how wrong i am but im not asking for the game to be reverted cos i know its not gona happen. what i want to know is if anyone has access and is able to share older versions of the game, im talking from like 2 years ago when it had been out not long and had more features and creative options then it dose currently cos thats the game i backed and want to play and if i can get my hands on that then id be content.
if not well not much i can do really, i jsut have zero desire to play the game in its current state and i dont see it changing enough for me to want to when on the path its seems to be heading there are already plenty of games that fill the space

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Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:32 am

also if u dont have anything constructive to add please dont bother posting cos ive already had enough of the people on the discord preaching

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Sat Sep 14, 2019 12:06 am

i disagree

- schild

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Sat Sep 14, 2019 1:00 pm

Hi there
With regards to clipping, I'm sure you've already heard plenty from the Discord server but I thought you might like an official statement as to why it was patched out. You can see Tsunamayos response to a query about clipping at the bottom of this post. Alternatives to clipping is also a big reason as to why the freeform tech was developed which is wonderful and unique to Skywanderers.
Similarly, the old rails had to go because they clipped. It doesn't make sense to fix clipping in all other cases and leave it as a possibility with rails, which is why they now take up a physical space. As a pre-Kickstarter builder I totally understand your woes about the loss of the old rails etc. Have you tried placing your rails in a separate part of the ship to the moving part? Seeing as pieces of the ship still don't float away when separated, you can hide your rails this way.
The torus has been temporarily removed, as well as other features like gravity for a well needed rework. The torus as it stood was a beautiful backdrop to builds but was completely incompatible with gameplay like mining it, and building actually on the torus resulted in crashes for some and bugs for most. I also really enjoyed the point of reference it gave so I've taken to building in the asteroid belt, as well as constructing a small station hangar/shipyard which was a super fun project in its own right. Hopefully you have similar success.
Constant spinning rotor - This is almost definitely not a permanent removal imo, it most likely just hasn't gotten round to being upgraded to the new tech yet. Why not ask about it on the Github page?

As to "slowly becoming more like ___ game", isn't that a good thing that it's starting to look like a game? Before it was a hodgepodge of sweet ideas and tech demos with little clear direction of how that meshes with gameplay. Now we have cohesive systems that will lead into the actual gameplay on the horizon (literally the next month or so before we'll be dogfighting with AI ships).

Hope this helps

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