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joshua calvert
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Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:18 am

I'm curious to know how the games crafting system will work.
In the future will we have industrial blocks added such as refineries to refine ore into materials or will mining yield metals and materials (without refining)?
And will crafting be a function of the ship and associated industrial equipment or will it be a player inventory system? Will storage be linked into a shipwide system (with interconnected 'pipes') or will storage be crate specific (you need a specific ore/material/part so you must go to specific crate in which it is located).
Unsure if any of this is planned or defined as yet so curious to know if anyone has any knowledge about it.
Hoping to get a rough idea so I know what to plan around for my builds.

I would personally prefer it to be all ship based industrial equipment so we have reasons to create job specific craft for specific jobs.

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