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by Everfearful
Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:48 am
Forum: Introduction
Topic: So there I was...
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So there I was...

...hydrospanner in one hand, poptart in the other, with nothing but rubber chickens as far as the eye could see... - Excerpt from the book "My Life as an Outer Rim Trader" Hi. I'm Ever. I've been chasing the constructable spaceship building dragon since...well, a while. I don't consider myself the m...
by Everfearful
Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:32 am
Forum: Feedback and suggestions
Topic: Custom text in tooltips
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Custom text in tooltips

I'm new, so I may have missed this in the suggestion forum or planned features, but I did try to search before I posted. Forgive me if this is old news. I think it would be useful to add a line or two of optional, user-defined text that pops up at the same time as the '[f] activate' prompt when look...